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It’s not a surprise that our multifaceted identities are influenced by everyday experiences; the intersectionalities in our lives between aspects such as race, sexuality, and culture create our unique perception of the world, and in turn, our voice in the creative arts. Similar to a symphony, each strand of notes woven from the mind intertwines to construct a tapestry of a new narrative–one that captures the overlapping images and colors from different keys. But with the beauty in these intersectionalities, there comes discrimination and marginalization, where law and society only hold certain frames on their horizon, letting those at the meeting of roads fall through the cracks. 


For this themed edition, we want to see works that push the confines of the frames society holds; we want to see experimental and honest images that rework the cracks at those intersections, overlapping and remixing the colors of a familiar horizon. As Elsa Barkley Brown mentions, “history is also everybody talking at once, multiple rhythms being played simultaneously.”


With that, we hope to see your unforgettable and unapologetic writing and art.

Submissions for our special themed edition are open until FEBRUARY 25 2023

Special theme: Intersectionality

We publish 3-4 times a year with submission deadlines in February, May, July, & November

General Guidelines 
  • Submissions must be emailed to with the subject line: "[Genre]—[First and Last Name]"  Genres include prose, poetry, & art

  • Please include a cover letter, a short 50 words or under third-person biography. Please name the file as the title(s) of your piece(s). You may submit across multiple genres in separate emails. Here is a link to examples of how to write a cover letter. 

  • ​Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please indicate so and withdraw them if they are accepted elsewhere.

  • Upon acceptance, Pluvia reserves first North American publishing rights and archival rights. All rights are reverted to the author/artist upon publication. However, if your work does later appear in another publication, please acknowledge Pluvia as its first appearance.

  • Our response time ranges from 3-6 months. Please do not send a follow-up email unless we haven't responded within 6 months.  

  • Plagiarism is not allowed.

Poetry: Submit up to 5 poems with each poem as a separate attachment (docx, rtf, or txt), single-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman. No pdf's please!

Prose: Submit up to 2 pieces (each 1300 words or under) with each piece as a separate attachment (docx, rtf, or txt), double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman.

No pdf's, please!

Visual Art: Submit up to 5 pieces of any medium as a .png or .jpeg, alongside a brief artist's statement. 

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