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Star-crossed Lovers

By Jenny Chen

They say love is blind, and so the moon,

blinded by stars, did it forget,

the sea who cries waiting? And yet,

each night it reaches, longing for la lune,

timelessly singing her sorrowful tune.

Remembering the times when they first met,

when distance has not come between them yet.

The sea’s grasp melts into the afternoon.

But how could the Moon forget the bright sea?

She sits in the sky to solemnly wait.

Waiting for her. A signal, or a sign,

something to show the sea remembers thee.

Perhaps some night, when blinding stars align,

they will meet again, intertwined by fate.

_____ ____ ___ __ _

Jenny Chen grew up in Vancouver, BC. Here she’s currently a high schooler surviving through 9th grade. She’s an aspiring illustrator who mainly works in a digital medium. Standing at a grand total of 162cm, her dream is for her growth spurt to try a little bit harder. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, listening to K-pop, and tormenting her dog, Pluto.

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