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Out Comes the Sun

By Khaliya Rajan

Out comes the sun,

From the beginning of the day.

Until the day is done,

Summer starts today!

Blowing bubbles and more activities,

Bugs flying around.

We run from the bees,

And watch birds, listening to the chirping sound.

Going to the beach,

Building sandcastles and then eating snacks.

An apple, orange or a peach,

Sitting on a towel with a book to relax.

It’s time to relax, enjoy and have fun.

It’s summer and out comes the sun.

_____ ____ ___ __ _

Khaliya is a conscientious and hardworking girl. She gives every task 100% effort and always tries her best. She is quiet and shy but when she does speak up she can be very insightful. Khaliya loves to read and write short stories, poems and more. She has had her work featured in other publications.

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