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Hiber n a t i o n

By Bowen Wang

it's been raining a lot.

it's quite curious the rain

as if it's telling us

to stay inside

These s t a y-a t-h o m e days.

which is ironic --

we're already forced

to stay


at such a time.

Even stranger still

there's still people outside

passing by s i x - f e e t - a p a r t

when I look out the window

seldom, I can see a jogger.

That’s some serious dedication

During this quarantine,

this hiber n a t i o n

The blue buildings are melting

as the water runs down

Streets and pavements

As if the world is washed clean.

_____ ____ ___ __ _

Bowen Wang is finishing high school at Magee Secondary School and hopes to study Marine Biology in the future at the university of Manao, Hawaii. Writing has allowed him to comprehend his own ideas. Writing for him always begins as a question.

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