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By Amy Mo

Looking up at the solemn grandfather clock, the clock handle struck six. Six, the day of darkness, the day of abandonment, the day of tears. The sky, bright for a subtle flash, then turned grey, then… Darkness. Darkness, like the abyss, the empty chasm in my heart.

Six, the day my life was ruined. Six, when the darkness burned and disintegrated my being.

“Mom? (No stop, it’s stupid! You are insane, you are talking to empty space!) Please tell me what I should do! I’m lost, hurting, dying. May I join you up there? Up there, where rivers flow, and birds sing. Where we can frolic and play, enjoy the shining sun. Where life and finally be meaningful.”

“Darling,” whispered the quiet but warm voice. “Life has so much in store for you. Why give up now? What about Tom? What about your career? Don’t give up because I am gone.”

“But—but I,” tears falling down my face, “I don’t have you! No more hugs and kisses! No more sneaking to the fridge together at midnight! No more comforting words and encouragement! What do I have NOW?!?”

Looking back, remembrance is a flash in my eyes. Into my heart was a breath that killed, yet grief wasn’t the first thing that came. Rather, it was bellicose to me that I felt numb, as if my usual vitality just departed into the fatal shadows of misgiving, devouring any yearning that I yet possessed. There, as I took stock of the four men in solemn uniforms, carrying home a fateful letter. No, I must never relive that day.

“Lily, you don’t need me to go on.” cried the voice, this time sounding desperate.

“Yes, I do! How can you be so stupid! I need you! I—I really need you here.”

“Lily Tilians listen to me! I will always be with you. In fact, I’m with you! Heaven and Earth are connected in ways beyond your wildest imaginations!”

“No,” I dropped onto the cold, solid ground. “I must be crazy. This is all my imaginations.”

“My darling, this is real. I’m with you. Always.”

Ding, a ring came from my back pocket. I reached in to find my old beaten-up phone. It had six percent batteries left, with six notifications. On that sixth notification was a picture of my mom and me.

_____ ____ ___ __ _

Amy Mo is an outgoing, responsible, and caring girl who loves reading, drawing, figure skating, and music. She is currently a student at Point Grey Mini Secondary School. Her favourite books are Lord of the Flies, Never Let Me Go, and Pride and Prejudice.

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