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Feminine Dance


Feminine Dance.jpg

The main characteristic of this figure study that I focused on is the feminine pose and movement determined by the fine details of a woman's body.


I made a series about different coping mechanisms, each context holding a slightly different definition of escapism than another. I used a detailed, illustrative style as a tool to deliver the visual of a surrealistic perspective on this topic. 

A Solitary's Serendipity
A Solitary's Serendipity.jpg

This drawing translates the sudden wave of admiration and appreciation for a certain moment/pause in one's life that evokes an undescribable feeling. A solitary, lonely life can often introduce new levels of observation of one's surroundings, which could lead to unexpected discoveries that might have been missed from the distractions of a noisy, crowded life. 

Dianne Dow is a secondary student in British Columbia. She utilizes her skills in drawing, illustration, and painting as a way of visually translating her philosophies and poetry. She is currently pursuing in turning this hobby into a career where she can hopefully communicate her concerns and spread awareness through versatile collections of works in the future. 

These pieces were first included in Issue 11 of Pluvia

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