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Metamorphosis is a series of mixed media sculptures that depicts the three main characteristics of youth: wonder, discovery, and power. Wonder is the exploration of the world and relationships during adolescence. Discovery is the curiosity and revelation of sexuality, and power is the explosive energy of youth. Flower is the reproductive part of a plant, and in this series it refers to the uterus and its association with growth, puberty, and femininity. I chose peony for making this work to display my connection with my Chinese culture. Flowers represent youth, and in a way myself. By wearing the flower, the viewer enters my inner world, and in essence becomes a flower, becomes me. 

UP and DOWN: The Pathway of Life 

UP and DOWN: The Pathway of Life is a mixed media sculpture that combines traditional Chinese ink painting with fabric painting and technology, creating a moving loop of people falling to explore — as the name suggests — the ups and downs of life. The work focuses on the experience of living and how it is the same for anyone.

Viela Hu creates dreamlike mixed media works that explore the wonders of youth. In her work, including paintings, sculptures, or films, she combines pastel hues with dark tones to emphasize the brevity and unique energy of juvenescence. Her works document her thoughts and changes in her life. Much of her artworks are influenced by films, music, and her observations of daily life. She is interested in the depiction of the various emotions that exist only during youth. Art to her is a way to record her existence and consciousness, a gateway to her world.  

These pieces were first included in Issue 111 & Issue 1v of Pluvia

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