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Piece of life


I’ve lost a stream of light
The enchanted chorus of a song
My piano key, G string
a piece of truth
Not the cup, not the thirst

I have lost the heap of sugar that I kept in my heart
My confessions, a comic face
Every bristly actor's dream
His commitment, and my question

I have lost a world of roses
The sky that my little "me" painted
Who guides Lady Liberty
Who moves so many signs in the sea

I have lost the prince of my carousel
Who flies and forgets, the child of the good
My essence of thunder, my ray of sunshine
Who remembers the story of the rain?

I have missed a part of this story.
I only have to write again.


Jimena Yengle (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist, known for her book Roma Enamorada and her lyrical work. She is the director of two virtual spaces: Roma Enamorada (aimed at young people) and Magic Maneuvers (aimed at children). Her writing and visual art works have been published by various international magazines. She directed the play “Life of August” for the Juvenis Festival in Kingston, and published her second book on May 1, 2022.

This poem was first included in issue 111 of Pluvia

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