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i wish i were Heather


ocean eyes and golden locks 

parties, drinks, drugs and jocks 

paper thin waist 

not a blemish on her face 

big jacket, big hair, big lies 

seeking validation from all the guys 

we all hate her 

but, everyone wants to be her 

i bet she doesn’t cry herself to sleep 

a 94 doesn’t make her weep 

she’s the angel, yet i’m the one who’s dying 

i wish she were dead, getting by without even trying 

Heather, Heather and Heather 

won’t someone just tell her 

shut up Heather; 

sorry Heather. 

i’ll groan and moan 

but she’ll forever remain on the throne 

born into intangible royalty 

i crave her immunity 

happily ever after, dream come true 

she doesn’t remember the true love’s kiss, but i do 

i think about her while lying in bed 

but i have never once entered her head 

martha is beautiful, but not next to Heather 

no one has ever given me their sweater 

i’m just a pawn, i don’t know what i’m saying 

already checkmate, and she didn’t even know we were playing


she starts the race at the finish line 

how does that give me enough time 

i wish i could be her, just for a day maybe

then all my problems would go away 

i wish i could look like her 

live like her 

think like her 

drink like her 

talk like her 

walk like her 

i wish i were better. 

i wish i were Heather

Amelia Lim is a high school student from Canada. She loves to express herself through writing and reciting poetry, for she believes it is an excellent way to let your emotions out. Amelia's writing is inspired by the music she listens to and the issues she feels most passionate about. Most notably, whenever she is angry or upset, she likes to channel that energy into her writing.

This poem was first included in issue 1 of Pluvia

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